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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Only 3 Days Until NMS - There's Still a Chance to Register | ASCAP Artist Spotlight Series | Tuesday Programming

Did you get to register by midnight?
If you missed it, you still have a chance... 

Make sure to register by 3pm EDT HERE 
After 3pm, only walk-up at NMS will be available at $499!

This week's Artist Spotlight Series features Big Data, Chief Scout, Heyrocco, and Phoebe Ryan - submitted by our partner, ASCAP. These ASCAP members are bound to have a big 2015 and beyond.  Take a listen here...
Click HERE to download the full NMS schedule!

Monday June 22, 2015 



8:00 am  Registration Opens at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel 



9:30 am:  Opening Remarks: Tom Silverman (Executive Director, New Music Seminar & Founder/CEO, Tommy Boy Entertainment) 



10:15 am - 11:30 am Grand Ballroom: Presented by Border City Media

Music Insights 20/20: The Future Revealed: These mystics of the music business, masters of analytics and soothsayers of sound share their projections and new visions for where the business is really going.  
Each will share images that illustrate a new revelation that they have individually unearthed from their respective data and analysis. Then they will challenge each other to go further in predicting alternative futures for the music business. 
Conductor: Jay Frank (Owner/CEO, DigSin)

Players: Alex White (CEO, Next Big Sound), Russ Crupnick (Managing Partner, MusicWatch), Jim Lidestri (CEO, Border City Media), Will Page (Director of Economics, Spotify)


Sutton Place: 

Music In Advertising; A Case Study: What makes music supervisors select a particular song? This Interactive 2-step Movement begins with a creative brief sent to all NMS delegates. Delegates will suggest songs to be placed into a TV commercial and the Conductor will choose a few submissions to discuss live during the Movement. Get inside their heads on the psychology behind emotional needs and effective brand-connection, the six types of songs for sync, and what makes these music supervisors tick. Perhaps your selection will make the discussion. 

Conductor: Keith D'Arcy (Creative Licensing, Songs Music Publishing)

Players: Paul Greco (Director of Music and Radio, JWT), Lyle Shemer (Creative Director, JWT), Alex Mailman (Business Director, JWT)



10:15 am - 12:15 pm Crystal Ballroom:

Music Xray's Live A&R Listening and Critique Sound Sessions: A&R Executives from the most important labels will critique music submitted by NMS delegates at this very popular session. See NMS website to find out how to have your music critiqued. 

Conductor: Mike McCready (Co-Founder and CEO, Music Xray)

Players: Jeff Lanier (Label Manager, Chesky Records), Fred Hanba (A&R, Tommy Boy Entertainment), Derrick Aroh (A&R Scout, RCA Records), Keith Tucker (A&R Scout, Def Jam), Jenna Hally Rubenstein (Creative Director, Insieme Music Publishing), Taylor Flynn (Digital Marketing/ A&R Scout, Photo Finish Records)



11:45 am - 12:00 pm: Live Performance on The Patch Soundstage

Grand Ballroom



12:30 pm - 1:45 pm Grand Ballroom:

Songwriter's Movement: Whether it's pop, EDM, hip hop, rock, R&B or country music...great songs always precede great records. What defines a "hit"in each genre and how can you maximize your chances of writing "the big one?" These successful songwriters share their secrets. 

Conductor: Peter Asher (President, Peter Asher Management)

Players: Denis Leary (Actor/Songwriter, FX's Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll), Jenna Andrews (Artist & Songwriter, Jenna Andrews), Alex Bilowitz (Producer & Songwriter), James Adam Shelley (Songwriter/Musician, American Authors), Jonnie Davis (SVP of A&R/Songwriter, Round Hill Music), Adam Pallin (Songwriter, ASTR), Holly Knight (Songwriter/Music Producer, Holly Knight/Good Knight Songs)


Sutton Place

Vinyl Resurrection: Vinyl is the only format that has died and come back to life. Vinyl peaked in 1978, cassettes in 1989, CDs in 2000; but only vinyl has experienced 50% growth in each of the last four years. What can we learn from this phenomenon? 

Conductor: Michael Kurtz (Co-Founder, RSD)

Players: Mark Piro (Musical Curator/Head of Analog Spark, Analog Spark/Razor & Tie), Steve Sheldon (President, Rainbo Records), Nina Palmer (National Sales Director, Ross Ellis Printing), Bryan Burkert (Owner, The Sound Garden), Matthew Johnson (President, Fat Possum Records), Billy Fields (VP of Sales, Account Management, WEA)


Gramercy Park Suite:

International Open Forum: Mix, mingle, and meet your next business associate from another land. This discussion will touch up key challenges when crossing borders and how to work in new territories. This will be an open-forum discussion with leaders from different territories leading the discussion. Be prepared to speak up and be heard. Precursor to the Developing World Movement. 

Players: Eric De Fontenay (Founder, MusicDish China), Jesper Thorsson (CEO, Export Music Sweden), Tapio Korjus (Owner, Rockadillo Records), Paul Cheetham (International Project Manager, Reeperbahn Festival)



2:00 pm - 2:20 pm 

Gramercy Park Suite:  Meet SESAC and Rumblefish



2:00 pm - 2:15 pm: Live Performance on The Patch Soundstage

Grand Ballroom



2:30 pm - 2:45 pm 

Grand Ballroom:  NMS Intensive: Freddy DeMann (Co-Founder, Maverick Records) -Q&A with Larry LeBlanc (Journalist)



2:45 pm - 4:00 pm  Grand Ballroom:

The Managers Movement: Should artists have a voice in the overall music business? Managers share their optimism and concerns about the direction of the new music business. 

Conductor: Jason Flom (President, Lava Records) 

Players: Rob Hitt (Manager, Crush Music), Paul Rosenberg (President of Shady Records/CEO, Goliath Artists), Jaddan Comerford (Owner, UNIFIED), Kevin Liles (Founder/CEO, KWL Management/Partner, 300 Entertainment), Jonathan Azu (Manager, Red Light Management), Adam Mersel (Artist Manager, KEMOSABE), Brian Hetherman (Chair, IMMF)


Crystal Ballroom:

Ad-Supported Music Streaming: How does ad-supported music streaming fit into the complex new music ecosystem? What is its place relative to un-licensed and "pirate"sites on one side, and subscription sites on the other? American AM/FM radio generates $16 billion a year. Can on-line ad-supported music services ultimately generate even greater ad-revenue?  
Conductor: Theda Sandiford (VP of Commerce, Republic Records)

Players: Doug McVehil (SVP of Content and Programming, VEVO), Jonathan Dworkin (SVP Strategy & Business Development, MixRadio), Steve Savoca (Head Of Content, Spotify), Owen Grover (SVP / GM, iHeartRadio)


Sutton Place

Artist Technology and Opportunities: The State of the Industry: This Movement explores some of the latest technologies and opportunities that are designed to help artists in a variety of ways: create more effectively, promote their music and brand, generate income, and even save money.  

Conductor: Jon Vanhala (CEO, Crossfade Partners)

Players: Craig Swann (Founder, Looplabs), Bryan Calhoun (CoFounder, Freeform Development), Shamal Ranasinghe (Co-Founder, Fluence), Robert Rivera (EVP Business Development & Strategy, Showpitch)



4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Gramercy Park Suite:

Women in Music Open Forum: Presented by Women in Music: Women are still far from achieving gender parity in the music industry. Increasing amounts of women are working and taking on leadership roles in the music industry, yet so few hold upper management positions and the final decision making power to guide the industry's future. Numerous studies have shown that businesses experience greater success when women are involved in the strategy development and decision-making at the top levels of an industry. At this crucial time, amidst so much transition, it is not only imperative that a woman's voice be heard but that she be in the position of power to make positive improvements. But how do we get there?  How do increasing amounts of women in music gain confidence in their own power to be leaders and take on the challenge?  What skills do women need to advance this cause? And, what can the industry do as a whole to accelerate gender parity?

This meeting will be presented in a "town hall"fashion, which will allow the audience to provide their thoughts, opinions, suggestions, and solutions for a brighter future for women in the music industry.

Players: Diana Akin (Senior Coordinator, Writer-Publisher, SESAC), Neeta Ragoowansi (President, Women In Music)



4:15 pm - 4:30 pm: Live Performance on The Patch Soundstage

Grand Ballroom



4:45 pm - 5:00 pm 

Grand Ballroom: NMS Intensive: "Welcome to the Music Business - You're Still Fucked": Advice, humor, and tools to help you raise your game (not for the squeamish). Martin Atkins (Chair, Music Business Department, SAE Chicago)


Crystal Ballroom: NMS Intensive: Charles Caldas (CEO, Merlin)



5:00 pm - 6:15 pm  Grand Ballroom:

Touring & Artist Development: As live performance increases in importance relative to record sales, concert promoters have become a bigger part of artist development than ever before. They invest in artists on tour; buying radio, print and online advertising that works to increase awareness of the artists. They have crucial data on ticket buyers that can help grow fans for developing artists. They create events that concentrate fans and build careers. Promoters, managers, agents and label representatives look at the live business and new opportunities for artist development. 

Conductor: Chris Nilsson (President, 10th Street Ent.),

Players: Natalia Nastaskin (CEO/General Counsel, U.S.A, The Agency Group), Dean Raise (Artist Manager, C3 Presents), Clay Busch (General Manager, Danny Wimmer Presents), Harlan Frey (Senior Vice President of Touring, Atlantic Records), Heath Miller (Vice President, Webster Hall), Sam Alpert (VP, Marketing, AM Only), Christian McKnight (SVP Music, NY/NJ/PA, Live Nation)


Crystal Ballroom:

Independent Labels: The independent labels became organized 10 years ago with the founding of A2iM. A few years later, Merlin was founded. Independent labels control 35% of sales market share, and of streaming market share, probably more than that. As we enter Indie Week, we ask why independent labels continue to grow market share each year? Why are independent labels responsible for the birth of every new genre and a disproportionate share of the most important artists in history? Why might independent labels be a better choice for artists than majors? 

Conductor: Portia Sabin (President, Kill Rock Stars Records)

Players: Tony Brummel (Founder, Victory Records), Ed Vetri (CEO, Wind-Up Records), Andreas Katsambas (CEO, The End Records), Jeremy Summers (Entertainment Marketing and Management Professional, Prospect Park Records), Nick Catchdubs (Co-Founder, Fool's Gold Records), Patricia Chin (Founder, VP Records)


Sutton Place:

"The Situation"A live reality show about the music business: A label, distributor, manager, marketing company are releasing a project. Creating a marketing plan, reacting to changes in the artist and management situations while maximizing exposure and monetization for the project are the challenges. The scenario will suddenly change several times during the session and participants will have to react and work with the change to bring the project home. 
Conductor: Dan Cohen (VP of Marketing, Caroline)

Players: Jim Roppo (EVP of Marketing & Commerce, Republic Records), David Macias (President, Thirty Tigers), Rosie Lopez (President, Tommy Boy Records), Chris Atlas (SVP of Marketing, Def Jam Recordings), Vickie Starr (Co-Owner, Girlie Action Media & Management), Mathieu Drouin (Co-Founder, Crystal Math Music)



7:00 pm - 9:00 pm  How to Train Your Computer to be a Songwriting Producer:

Gibson Showroom, Come join a private in-studio session at the Gibson Showroom Studio 5 NYC: In a world of zeros and ones, where does the computer fit into traditional songwriting? Songwriter/producer, Mark Hudson,

("Living on the Edge,"Aerosmith - amongst other hits) and digital

421 West 54th St. pioneer, Craig Anderton, along with Jimmy R. Landry will interactively cover new approaches to songwriting for the modern-day musician.

Players: Craig Anderton (Songwriter, Chief Magic Officer, Gib- son Brands, Jimmy R. Landry (Artist Relations - Gibson Brands/ Cakewalk Divisions, Producer, Mixer, Songwriter), Mark Hudson (Producer/Songwriter - Aerosmith, Ringo Starr, Ozzy Osbourne, Hanson)



8:00 pm - 12:00 amDowntown NYC

New Music Nights Festival @ Cake Shop, The Delancey, Drom, and Pianos

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  • See who's Speaking here.
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Check Out the NMS Partners
Border City Media is a New York-based music technology company that is in development of a unique set of services that will revolutionize the way businesses analyze entertainment consumption and related trends. BuzzAngle Music, the first in a series of Border City Media services that will also include BuzzAngle Movies and BuzzAngle Books, provides a state-of-the-art music consumption service that analyzes the daily sales, streaming and airplay activity of albums, songs and artists. BuzzAngle Music is currently in a limited beta test and has a planned public release in the fall of 2015.
cür music will be a music experience like you've never seen! a social, mobile, and web streaming music application that is being designed to enable users to go beyond the limitations of traditional music streaming services.  Upon its release, cür music will unlock the true expressive nature of an individual's connection with their music by fostering personalization, sharing and creativity.  With cür music it's not just about streaming, it's about what the music means to you and how you want to express that to the world.

Tuesday: June 23, 2015: The SoundExchange Summit at NMS
  • SX 101 / "Money in Your Pocket"
  • Does Living in the Past Provide a Vision for the Future?
  • Legal Eagles
  • Advocacy and becoming Your Own Advocate
See Full Programming Schedule for Descriptions and Speakers

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