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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

AidemMedia Group is comprised of 3 service divisions: Distribution Services


AidemMedia Group is comprised of 3 service divisions: Distribution Services,  and Marketing & Promotions. All three divisions work in alignment to provide each of our partners with a solid customized solution that meets their business needs. Like our technology, we are always developing our comprehensive menu of music distribution, marketing and rights and services so that our label and artist partners will have the tools and resources they need to succeed today and tomorrow. See below to learn more.



Wondering how all of the music that AidemMedia Group distributes gets delivered to so many places in so many different formats? We have a team of digital operations and physical production experts managing our partner’s digital content and physical inventory to be set up, formatted and optimized properly, so your music reaches as many destinations as possible, in the most efficient and transparent way available.


Our dedicated sales & marketing team focuses on making sure your content receives maximum exposure by creating impactful campaigns and executing them via excellent direct relationships with hundreds of digital and physical outlets worldwide, including a wide variety of non-traditional accounts like Guitar Center and Urban Outfitters. Our global capabilities to manage physical products are stronger than ever since we’ve partnered up with Republic of Music for campaigns outside of N. America. We also keep our labels and artists informed through regular updates on retailer best practices and industry know-how, so you stay primed for success in today’s dynamic music industry.


AidemMedia Group is heavily invested and committed to providing the most transparent technology tools and services to give our partners the very best in customized sales analytics as well as a top-notch, end-to-end royalty processing and reporting system. We have always invested in technology first and we continually develop our proprietary system to offer more features that suit the day-to-day business needs of our partners.


In addition to our comprehensive YouTube services described below, AidemMediaGroup  works with you to deliver music videos to a vast network of streaming and download retailers including VEVO, Muzu and Vidzone. Our direct partnerships have secured hundreds of features and premieres for our partners.


AidemMediaGroup has a direct relationship with YouTube that allows for our labels to have access to partner-only account features. We are a top 10 music account partner with several hundred channels & millions of subscribers.

YouTube and Vevo has quickly become a major source of streaming revenue for many of our partners. handles channel onboarding, the monetization process, as well as helping each of our partners to understand and properly utilize all of the available account features including: premium music video claims, advanced channel and video analytics, and channel optimization.

Our experienced, “YouTube Certified” team will work with you on customized solutions for each project, and manage your Content ID (YouTube’s proprietary software that claims copyrighted material in user uploaded material). We handle the entire process for you, from managing daily claiming tasks all the way through complicated rights management issues.


AidemMediaGroup offers project-based service for established artists tired of the traditional route, and emerging artists who want control. We provide dedicated teams in Los Angeles and London to manage your global campaigns. Our services will allow you the freedom to focus on creating great music & engaging with your fans:


Marketing, timeline, budgets, distribution, hired teams, advertising, pre-order retail, brand integration and more


Build radio, video promotion plan & budget, hire teams manage efforts and drive ads


Placements include TV, Film, Trailer, Commercial, Game, Apps and much more


Oversee or assist with social networks, online marketing, brand integration, technology, tour marketing & development


Work with a wide variety of external PR companies & find the best match for each campaign


Because AidemMediaGroup  sits within the larger the  distribution company, projects are marketed & sold from within the same organization, from start to finish



AidemMediaGroup is one of the leading independent publisher in the world. Directly affiliated with most societies around the world, a roster of world class artists and producers, along with one of the best creative teams in the world, we retain our boutique feeling while offering a global footprint. In true AidemMediaGroup fashion, we also offer the most advanced online publishing platform. 


Our Neighboring Rights team works directly with all major societies worldwide on behalf of over 5,000 clients. We provide seamless integration with the major distribution platform to optimize income tracking territory-by-territory. Contact us  to learn more.

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