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Monday, June 1, 2015

Drake and Pharrell are about to get some nice checks courtesy of Apple

Drake and Pharrell are about to get some nice checks courtesy of Apple. When the Tidal press conference was held and the two artists were missing it seemed odd as Jay-Z has a good relationship with both men, especially Pharrell. The reason for their absence is now making sense.

While the exact roles of the two are still murky, New York Post reports that one role for the two will be that of guest DJ on iTunes radio. This move shows Apple really means business and are gunning for that number one spot by taking on Spotify, Pandora, and Tidal. Apple Music is also looking to offer a free three-month trial and that their subscription fee with be $10. Also they report that there may be a section where users can upload their own content, like YouTube.

The music streaming business has boomed as of late. With Apple’s 2015 WorldWide Developer’s Conference next week, June 8th through the 12th, expect all the details to be cleared up along with some surprises. How Apple plans to change the market is going to be compelling to see as they missed their earlier launch date in March.

Will Apple Music make a major dent in the market or just become another Tidal?

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