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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Taylor Swift, Ray J And Amber Rose Nude Look A Likes In Kanye West Music Video ‘Famous</p>

The attention-seeking Kanye West has taken his enemies to bed.
8In perhaps his most bizarre artistic endeavor, the egotistical rapper live-streamed the debut of his music video for “Famous” on Friday night — a natural follow-up to his never ending saga with pop star Taylor Swift.
Alluding to the racy lyrics of how he “and Taylor might still have sex,” West seemed to do just that in an exclusive

Tidal video, which is a clear attempt to break the internet a la Kim Kardashian.
In it, a shocking naked carbon copy of Swift laid eyes-closed in bed next to a nude Kanye West — and she was not alone.
Eleven other nude stars were featured in bed together, with cameras zooming in on their birthday suits throughout the entirety of the video.

It’s unclear which stars actually participated but it’s safe to say Swift was likely a creation of magical visual effects.

Lying next to West was, of course, his booty-flaunting wife Kim Kardashian and oddly by her side was former sex video participant Ray J.

Some of the ones chosen to share the massively-sized bed were obvious attack choices, like George Bush, who West once famously accused of not caring about black people.

Then there was his ex Amber Rose, who he has long slammed as if he never boasted of his love for her.

More surprising was a nude sleeping version of a pot-belly Bill Cosby — the accused rapist that West once proudly tweeted was “innocent!”

Billionaire Republican Donald Trump also made the cut, joined by songstress Rihanna and her rapper ex Chris Brown. Rounding out the unlikely dozen bedmates was Caitlyn Jenner and Anna Wintour.

Out of all the naked victims, Swift was the most likely. The rap mogul reignited their beef in February when he first dropped “Famous,” taking credit for Swift’s mega success.

He then claimed Swift gave her approval for the hateful lyric — an allegation she has denied. In turn, Swift took a swing at her nemesis while accepting her Grammy earlier in the year, warning of those who might try to “undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments, your fame.”

Despite the grotesquely offensive video and inclusion of many of his foes like Swift, West says he was simply depicting fame.

“It’s not in support or anti any of [the people in the video],” West told Vanity Fair magazine. “It’s a comment on fame.”

Fittingly, he concluded the video with “special thanks” to all the stars depicted “for being famous.”

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