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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Chris Brown Kicked Out Of Ibiza Villa After Cops Find Urine And Vomit Everywhere

Urine trouble again, Chris Brown.
Police kicked the "Look at Me Now" singer out of an Ibiza villa for peeing and vomiting all over the property, TMZ reports.

The 27-year-old has been soaking up the sun on the Spanish island for the past week, where he was photographed riding quad bikes and lounging with bikini-clad babes by the pool.

But the villa landlord reportedly called in the cops after Brown refused to leave at check-out time. And to add insult to tardiness, the house was supposedly trashed.

The police report alleges that the walls were carved with knives, a bed was soaked in urine, and there was vomit everywhere.
The landlord also complained that Brown is on the hook for $26,000 in rent, adding up to $60,000 including the damages.

A source close to Brown told TMZ that the artist footed the bill after clearing up a financial issue between the villa owner and the bank.

But Brown can’t seem to stay out of the crosshairs lately. He was caught on camera throwing a girl’s cell phone and kicking her out of the VIP section of an Italian club last week.

His rep Nicole Perna dropped the troubled star after an angry barrage of texts that were leaked this week, where Brown called her a “b-h” after she told him that Anna Wintour and other editors don’t want anything to do with him and his “st.”
And the “Loyal” singer is facing lawsuits from both Suge Knight and his former manager Mike “Mike G” Guirguis.
Sounds like a Mayweather night ……


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