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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Who is the Lovely Tara Rain...

Tara Rain is more than just a young beautiful new face, she is an amazing vocalist with a unique sultry sound that will send chills down your spin and catch the attention of music lovers all over the world. She does, pop club tech, hip hop and r&b and to many she is a triple threat, and sings, rapsand dance. The soft spoken songstress began singing and discovered her voice at ageseven were she shared her gift with the after school daycare called the Bradfield Center. Tara Rain was born Tara Taneka Thompson to Norma .J. Coates  and  Billy .DThompson Weighing in at 2 pounds and ten ounces arriving in after just  six months in her mothers womb, Tara Rain was indeed nothing short of a miracle, dying in her first few minutes of birth and coming back to life ready with a glow.  Born in a town called Lima Ohio. Tara Rain would listen to her father play guitar and sing to her when he would come and visit. He would tell her” your going to be a star on day sweet-pea” and she began her quest to make her mark singing in school, talent shows and church, were she lead the choir for years. At fifteen Tara Rain won the Miss Black Expo pageants of Fort Wayne Indiana were she won the talent division and rained queen. She went on to be involved in a dance group called Flavor Girls and traveled across the Midwest and preformed in many citys. While dancing, writing her own songs and writing poetry, she discovered she could rap, and from then on she became Poettess one of the hottest female rappers in her city. Tara  Rain  preformed every were and her stage presence took over the crowed bringing them to their feet every time she hit the stage, Tara Rain has opened for many celebrity artist including  one of her icons 2pacTara Rain had a hard fall when her best friend and rap partner “TIGER” Tyvese Moore was gunned down at age 16.Her dreams as she knew to be a big star was now shattered she thought as her best friend would not be there to share their dreams, she picked up and went to job core were she worked harder than ever to critique her skills. She went to L.A California were she lived for  a while, were she picked up modeling for catalogs, doing print work and runway shows, Tara Rain was doing great, but felt she was missing her first love “music”. So she went to work singing were ever she was located and made a brand name for herself as an artist. but she missed her support system and soon went back to Fort Wayne Indiana, she worked on her album and begin being a activist for abused and molested children and abused and rapped woman and no one understood better than she did because she to was a victim of child molestation and rape, but she never gave up hope.

Tara Rain wants to be a voice for children who can not speak or scared to speak. She says “I was that little girl” so I put it in my songs or raps or poetry spoken wordTara Rain is not only a artist but an amazing heartfelt young lady with passion and hope for the next generation, who has never giving  up, she is involved in Aids and Hiv foundation, feeding the children foundations, and cancer foundations her father died of cancer just two years ago and she never left his side. Her friends say she is an angle in disguised. Will give her last and would be fine with it.                                                                                                                                                                                                              I WONT STOP UNTILL GOD TELLS ME TOO” ALL I NEED IS ONE CHANCE, I WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCEIn music with my pop technical hip hop style of music. I justwant to build an empire, a brand name for myself, those in needsin America, Africa and all over the world.” I JUST NEED THE RIGHT PEOPLE TO BELIVE IN MY VISION” AND I WILL PROMISE YOU THE REST…..

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