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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Who is Teach?

Name: Brandon Lomax 

Stage name : TEACH 

Genre: hip hop, independent 

Favorite food: I love sushi, I can eat it all day long (laughs) 

Favorite artist: I can't narrow it down. There are too many. 

How long have you been doing music? I've been doing music for 5 going on 6 years. 

What made you decide to go that direction? I just love music. The feeling you can get from a good song. I was also very inspired by my father (Voxx) who has still been killing the game. 

What is your insperation for being in the music industry? It just comes to me. Once I hear a beat. Or melodic sound, it really has 5-10 seconds to catch my attention but once it hits, it hits hard. 

When your not in the studio what music do you listen to? I love bands like Chevelle, Blindside, Chiodos, killswitch engage. Really anything if it sounds good to me 

Did you ever thing you will make a dent like you have? 

To be honest, I didn. I had no idea but once things started to catch on i was thrown off. But then had to put myself in that mindset of well. If this is where it's going lets capitalize and make the most out of this. It was all for the love. Then the business side started to launch. 

How did you come up with the single Life of the Party?: this track was a track that really did just hit me. The saying happened was, I started seeing where this was going and being in my hometown. I went from a kid noone paid any attention to. I actually used to get bullied and no-one really cared. But once the skating I do took off as well as the music and people would reach out to me, message me, or see me in public and would get excited seeing me and would give me free stuff from places id go out to and people actually wanting me around. I felt like I became the life of the party. So it was perfect timing. 

What is your future goals for success? I want to tour around the world. Not only performing shows, but skateboarding. I love skating, so to travel and see new places experience new cultures would be insane. 

If you could ever do a callabo with any 

artist who would it be and why? If I could collab with anyone. It'd be J.cole, Logic, Dizzy Wright, Wu tang clan, Redman, Danny Brown, Drake, Kendrick, and the list goes on (laughs) 

What advice can you give other who may follow your foot steps? Keep going. You'll find every reason to stop. There will be a lot of things to happen to "Justify" why you'd want to quit.  But don't. If you feel this is really your calling. Don't stop. Push man Push! 

Where can our readers find your music? Spotify, just look up TEACH life of the party, 

But Apple, Tidal, YouTube, soundcloud, really just about anyone. 

What is your social media? 

Instagram: Tizzyteachdf 

Twitter: @TizzyTeach

Spotify link

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