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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Who is C.Moody?

My name is Corey Moody Jr born in kilmarnock Virginia and currently living in Lancaster County

When did you start rapping and who or what inspired you? 

I started in 2010 it took a real life situation I was going thru an I got real serious about rapping cause everybody was showing me mad love about the song I made "Shes gone" a situation I was going thru with my current girlfriend at the time! It even hit the local newspaper 

As an up and coming artist, do you find it difficult to maintain personal relationships while perusing your music career?

Yes it can but people I deal with on a daily basis understand the Grind an Ambition the love I have for the music that's why you gotta have positive people in your circle!

Tell us something you enjoy doing [besides music?
I also like Shopping ,fishing ,spending time with my kids  !
Currently, what project or single are you working on or pushing & where can we find it?
Currently I'm pushing my single "Change on Me"  the song speaks for its self  people change , things can change in a blink of second ! An it's also a dance to it ,right now you can check the video out on YouTube ,Will be available soon on iTunes,Spotify,etc

What’s been the most memorable moment so far in you life?

Being there for my kids birth an meeting dj chill boosie bad azz tour dj!

If you could work with any artist, (current or past) who would it be and why?

Boosie bad azz  he's the real OG in the game he keeps it 100 in his music no sugar coating nothing an I can feel the music everytime he's music teaches me to say what's on your mind ,  An to be real the song Pain saved my life one time an made me realize I won't the only one going thru something an I thank him for that!

What are your goals musically for the remainder of this year?

To learn more about the buisness , keep grinding non stop , give my fans more good music , an work towards doing more shows cause I love to perform put Virginia back on the map 

Tell everyone where they can find you? [Websites, Social media, Booking info etc?

You can follow me on Twitter moemoody187, instragram moemoody, For booking email or 8042969283 contact my manager taj  

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