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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Black History Anthem "Lest We Forget," David M.

David M.
Minott penned "Lest We Forget," which not only serves as its anthem but a poignant reminder of how far African Americans have come.



Music artist David M (aka David Minott) is using music to remind us of those who fought for justice and racial equality.


In his moving worldbeat song, "Lest We Forget," the Jamaica-born world-music songwriter / singer invokes the names of African American leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Marcus Garvey to illustrate the contributions that black people have made to society and to encourage listeners to remember their sacrifices.


This soul-searching song which opens with excerpts from Dr. MartinLuther King Jr's famous "I Have A Dream" speech, not only speaks to the Civil Rights Movement and the hard work of Dr. King, but also gives credence to the work and sacrifices made by stalwarts such as Marcus Garvey, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Steven Biko and others who have been instrumental in the struggle for equality and justice, paving the way for positive change.


"Trayvon Martin is not unlike many others in our past who have fallen victim to violence and racial injustice," he says. "His slaying and the movement that it has inspired serves as a wakeup call to all of us that there is yet much work to be done before all men, regardless of race, are indeed treated equal."


Written in 1994 on the eve of the inauguration of South African President Nelson Mandela, "Lest We Forget" is equally as relevant today as it was back then, says David M. "The feeling that I had on that day has been renewed many times over the years. From the election of President Barack Obama to the many other achievements by men and women of African descent, I am proud of our achievements and humbled by the opportunity to pay homage to them in song. I am also reminded of how far we still have to go and how many of our people are still being victimized by racism and hate crimes. The death of this defenseless, unarmed teen makes this message ring true like never before." 


David M says he plans to use the song to motivate the spirit of unity for all mankind, globally.The poignant video for "Lest We Forget" has been featured on BET's "Lift Every Voice," Music Choice, Tempo and BET-J.  The song was also the focus of a Black History Month 2011 campaign called "Our Silence Speaks Volumes."


Says David M, "It is my hope that this song will urge us to remember many of our fallen brothers and sisters, from Emmett Till and Medgar Evers to Malcolm X and Martin Luther King and, of course, lest we forget -- young Trayvon Martin."


David M - Lest We Forget

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