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Friday, October 3, 2014

Who is gorgeousmuzic?

Widely regarded as a diamond in the rough, this soulful New York representative is blazing a trial that she and her team can be proud of through entrepreneurial initiatives as well as quality music and a healthy performance schedule that has see her hit many of the renowned stages on the NYC music scene.  Gorgeous Frazier is a life long lover of song, from performing to composition and vocal arrangement to even teaching, she has patterned herself after the epitome of ambition and authenticity, the likes of which legends are made. Currently in studio putting the finishing touches on her forthcoming "Bi Polar" EP sparked by the success of lead single "Your Life" as well as carefully crafting the release of her foray into the parfum industry.  Never one to sit on her hands or rest on laurels,Gorgeous FraZier is truly a breath of fresh air set to beautiful melody 

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