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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Understanding Mediabase & BDS-Nielsen on how they work for U the Artist

Understanding Mediabase & BDS-Nielsen on how they work for U the Artist

Mediabase is a division of Premiere Radio Networks, located in Sherman Oaks, California. Mediabase is a music industry web site containing in-depth charts and analysis based on the monitoring of 1,836 radio stations in the US and Canada, in 175 radio markets. Mediabase features real time charts in 25 radio formats, based on radio airplay. In addition, its services has dozens of analytical tools. Mediabase also owns and operates, a service that allows consumers to rate music for the radio and record industries.

Radio stations subscribe to Mediabase’s monitoring service, via network affiliations. The Mediabase network consists of more than 1,800 radio affiliates. In addition, record company and entertainment executives subscribe on a cash basis.
Mediabase charts are used as the source on the following radio shows: American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest, The Foxworthy Countdown, Crook & Chase Country Countdown, Ben and Brian’s Big Top 20 Countdown, Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40, and Country Countdown USA with Lon Helton. It is the primary programming tool for nationally syndicated shows like Open House Party, After Midnite with Blair Garner, and Delilah.

BDS-Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems is the world’s leading provider of airplay tracking for the entertainment industry. Employing a patented digital pattern recognition technology, Nielsen BDS captures in excess of 100 million song detections annually on more than 1,600 radio stations, satellite radio and cable music channels in over 140 markets in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico) and 30 Canadian markets.
Radio formats monitored include Adult Alternative, Adult Contemporary, Album Rock, Classic Rock, Contemporary Christian, Country, Modern Rock, Oldies, R&B (including Rap and Hip Hop), Spanish (including Latin Contemporary, Regional Mexican and Tropical Salsa), and Top 40. Additionally, Nielsen BDS monitors 12 U.S. Music Video Channels and 9 Canadian Video Channels.

Executives from all facets of record companies, radio stations, publishing firms, performance rights organizations, music retailers, independent promoters, film and TV, and artist management are among those who query more than 10,000 reports daily from Nielsen BDS products – ENcore,, and BDS RealTime.

Nielsen BDS information is utilized exclusively by Billboard, and R&R (Radio & Records) in determining their radio airplay music charts.

Music Publishing- The music publisher is a company that owns the copyright. The music publisher has total control over when and where the song is played. They also control the songs royalties and collect the money from the people that sell, perform, or change the song in any way. As a songwriter you would either create your own music publishing company or you would sell your songs to a music publisher that is more established.

Performance Royalties- Every time a song is on TV, radio, played in clubs, restaurants, etc.. The party playing the song must pay for the performance.

Music Publishing Agreement- A music publisher get’s ownership of a song by signing a music publisher agreement with the songwriter. Usually the music publisher agreement provides for the songwriter to continue receiving income as the song earns money. The song writers portion usually ranges around 60-75% of the total income from the song.

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